Speech & Language, Occupational, & Physical Pediatric Therapy

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center offers quality play-based therapy focused on helping children reach their individual maximum potential!

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

Speech & Language, Occupational, & Physical Pediatric Therapy

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center offers quality play-based therapy focused on helping children reach their individual maximum potential!

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center Jacksonville, Fl

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center Has The Best Individualized Pediatric Therapy Services
in Northeast Florida

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center is a multidisciplinary pediatric therapy center dedicated to providing the best quality play-based coastal physical therapy services in Jacksonville since 1996.

Our compassionate and highly skilled physical therapy experts work with each child one-on-one to develop a customized treatment plan designed to build confidence, improve developmental skills, and exceed therapeutic goals.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center has two convenient locations - Jacksonville Beach and in Mandarin!

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center works closely with families, teachers, and pediatricians to help each child achieve success. How can we make a difference in your child’s life?

Call us today at (904) 372-4070. or you can email us at info@coastaltherapy.net.



Getting Started

To get started at Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center, simply fill out a new patient request form by clicking the link below. Once your request is received, our friendly staff will email a new patient packet.

This packet is very user-friendly and can be completed electronically through our secure, HIPPA compliant patient portal.

Our staff will take care of the rest including the prescription request from your child's pediatrician and verification of your insurance benefits.

While many insurance plans cover therapy services, every policy is different. We are here to help you fully understand your plan's coverage and potential costs before the first visit.

Accepted Insurance Plans

  • Aetna
  • BCBS
  • Medica (MMSI)
  • Wellcare
  • Tricare Select
  • Tricare Prime
  • UMR
  • United
  • Gardiner/PLSA
  • DSAJ Scholarships
  • SIS VPK funding
Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center


Once you are aware of potential costs and your child’s file is complete, a therapy coordinator from the coastal pediatric therapy center will contact you with available appointment times. We offer appointments on the hour or half-hour from 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday-Friday

Please keep in mind that after-school appointments are in high demand, so if your child is able to come to the office before 3:00 PM there will be more options available.

Available SettingS

  • Clinic
  • Telehealth
  • Private Schools

Evaluation Process

Your child's first visit to Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center will include a formal evaluation in order to determine their current needs and to develop an effective coastal treatment and therapy plan with appropriate goals & objectives. 

The evaluation takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete and includes standardized testing and a parent interview. Parents are welcome to accompany their child during the evaluation, however, many children test very well by themselves. The evaluation report, including goals and recommendations, will be shared with you and your child's pediatrician to ensure the very best coordinated care. 

Kids physical and occupational therapy session

Need More Information About Coastal pediatric therapy center?

Email us at info@coastaltherapy.net
or call our office at (904) 372-4070 and our staff will be happy to assist you. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping your child succeed!


Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"We have been coming to Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center for almost three years and have seen so much growth and improvement in our son’s speech. Our SLP makes speech fun, so it’s enjoyable to be there. Our son has never complained about having to go to speech and instead looks forward to speech day! Read More

Cheryl P.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"We started our school year at Fletcher Middle with tears, frustration and zero friends. We now have much less frustration and two friends! Our son is now using words to describe feelings before reaching meltdown in most cases. He has shown improvement in classroom participation. His therapists have never shown him a negative attitude no matter how rough a day he may be having with engaging that day. His therapists, especially Georganna, has taken the time to let me feel HEARD and let our son feel heard. Everyone at Coastal makes us feel like our son is the most important. For your time there, you and your child are their top priority! Read More

Ashley VW

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Coastal Therapy, especially about my son’s therapist, Ms. Christy. Over the past year and a half, she has helped my son overcome so much with his speech. Diagnosed with apraxia, Read More

Mariesa H.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"The staff at Coastal are amazing, everyone is so caring! My daughter is doing feeding therapy with Kellie and has made such a big improvement. Kellie always makes the time to listen to any concerns and give me suggestions to help her at home.  Read More

Melissa K

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"Coastal Therapy is a wonderful, positive, learning experience for the entire family! I have been impressed with the whole staff from the moment I made the first call. Having made many moves, I can honestly say the intake and scheduling to begin services was the easiest and friendliest I have ever experienced. And it only got better from there. My daughter started OT for sensory processing difficulties and fine motor delay. When she first began, she was very scared and had difficulty separating. Most sessions involved a lot of crying! But the OT was great – she was as patient as a saint. She was strong, yet kind. Read More

Karin M.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"We have been in speech therapy and occupational therapy for over 5 years at Coastal. The staff has become like family and the office is like a second home for my son. Coastal gave me so much guidance and support in the beginning, when I was lost in the new world of Autism and sensory disorders. Read More

Bree A.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"We have seen a huge improvement in our child’s speech since starting at Coastal Therapy. People are able to understand him so much more now! Our therapist has been so amazing and our child loves his appointment time with her. Very thankful for all the hard work she has put in with our son!". Read More

Elizabeth L.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"Ms. Kellie always does an amazing job of meeting my child’s ever changing needs!". Read More

Michelle L

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"My daughter has learned so many things since beginning therapy at Coastal. Her vocabulary has flourished! In addition, her functional vocabulary is building every day." Read More

Wenona A.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"Coastal Therapy has been like a second family to us. Over the past four years my son has had speech and occupational therapy and we couldn’t imagine how our journey would have gone on without the wonderful therapists and their guidance. It is truly obvious they put the children first!". Read More

Angela S.

Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center

"My son has been in OT at Coastal for two years and is almost ready to test out. Our therapist has been an outstanding, proactive, and invaluable help to my son. The progress he has made on so many levels, as well as mastered, is the biggest gift we have been able to give to him. He has come leaps and bounds and we are so grateful to the wonderful staff at Coastal. Read More

Amanda F.