Gross Motor Milestones

Review Your Child's gross motor milestones

0-6 Months

  • When positioned on belly, raises head and shoulder
  • Rolls from front to back
  • Reaches for object with one hand
  • Visually tracks people and objects
  • Props on forearms (6 months)

7-12 Months

  • Understands no and hot
  • Rolls from back to belly (6-7 month)
  • Crawls on stomach
  • Sits independently
  • Transitions from belly to sitting
  • Crawls up stairs on belly
  • Pulls to stand using furniture
  • Stands at supported surface
  • Cruises on furniture
  • Walking/ambulation start to emerge


13-18 Months

  • Independent with ambulation
  • Pushes to stand by going through 4 point
  • Stoops and recovers
  • Walks backward
  • Walks sideways
  • Starts running but may fall frequently
  • Ascends stairs using step-to pattern with railing
  • Throwing a small ball overhead
  • Kicking ball forward, with decreased control
  • Seat self in a small chair
  • Climbs into an adult chair
  • Walks up/down stairs holding on to a railing, 2 feet per step (18 mos)


19-24 Months

  • Running becomes more controlled
  • Stands on one foot briefly
  • Walks on a line/balance beam with 1 foot on the line
  • Lowers to pick up objects from the floor without falling
  • Jumping up with both feet
  • Jumping down from objects
  • Walks upstairs, both feet per step without rail
  • Walking backwards emerges


2-3 Years

  • Ascends/descends stairs independently using a step to pattern
  • Walking on a line/balance beam with improved balance
  • Walking on tiptoes
  • Jumping forward
  • Rides a tricycle
  • Catches large ball, securing ball by bending arms towards chest
  • Throws a ball overhand 3-7 feet
  • Kicks ball forward 3-6 feet using opposing arm/leg movements

3-4 Years

  • Can sustain single leg stance for 5 seconds
  • Can sustain static tiptoes for 3 seconds
  • Kicks balls forward with control
  • Catches a ball with hands, without pulling a ball to chest
  • Throws a ball at a target
  • Hopping on one foot
  • Galloping and skipping start to emerge
  • Jumps over objects
  • Jumping-Jacks start to emerge
  • Bounce and catches a ball